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Lan Homestay is one of the best homestays on Cat Ba Island at present. Ranking first out of 176 accommodations on, and always in the top 3 on Tripadvisor in the area, Our homestay is proud to remain the most attractive and ideal destination for travelers. 

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We have been in the top 3 of Catba island accommodations on Tripadvisor


We promise to provide the best experience for our customers focusing on providing idyllic accommodation, local food, and unique local experiences


Here at Lan Homestay, you will not only enjoy the tranquility and peace of Viet Hai village but also have the opportunity to try local dishes, experience the nature of Cat Ba National Park as well as cruise around Lan Ha Bay


You can take part in the many tours that we offer. If you love exploring remote destinations, we recommend the 1-day trekking and relaxing on a private beach experience. Or the more adventurous can take the full day boat trip as well as see bioluminescent plankton at night on a kayak trip. These are unique tours that help visitors to discover the true beauty of Cat Ba.


Talking about the homestay and Viet Hai village, The story below helps you understand a bit more about the history of Viet Hai village as well as how Lan Homestay was built


Viet Hai is an ancient village with hundreds of years of history on Cat Ba Island. Before 1979, more than 80% of the villagers were Chinese fishermen. Due to political reasons, Chinese fishermen were required to return home by the end of 1979.


In 1980, in response to the call to start a new economic system, Vietnamese fishermen from the surrounding areas came to the village. Located in a special geographical location, completely isolated from the outside world, Viet Hai villagers live harmoniously and happily together in one community. Villagers here may not possess wealth or riches but they will always be rich in kindness.


Viet Hai village motto: Leave trash at the designated places, this small action made by everyone will make a huge difference



Viet Hai village in the morning


In the beginning, villagers mainly lived off agriculture, hunting, and fishing to sustain their lives. In order to have salt and other supplies, locals would paddle a bamboo boat or trek through the jungle to Cat Ba town in order to exchange goods


Before 2010, there was no electricity in the entire village. Only one generator operated from 5 pm – 9 pm. There was one television set in the headquarters of the community. 


Disaster struck Viet Hai village in the last days of July 2015. There was a huge flood after heavy prolonged rainfall engulfed the whole village. The highest water level measured 6 meters from the ground.

The Medical center of the village on the 31st of July 2015


That how height the water was


How the flood happened still remains the myth


Viet Hai village was submerged in water for more than 3 weeks. All contacts and food supplies were cut off. The villagers had to move around by boat. Life was difficult but it became more and more difficult for locals


Locals get around by boat


With the help of the Hai Phong government and philanthropists, as well as charity organizations, the villagers recovered from the disaster and were able to rebuild their lives. Nearly all the properties were washed away, including Lan Ha Homestay. We lost almost all of the household possessions and essentials needed to conduct our daily lives. The whole family had to live in the government headquarters of the Viet Hai community authorities during the turbulent floods.


supplying for Viet Hai locals


On returning, the whole house was flooded with mud and dirt, so we decided to start over. We received generous funds that enabled us to do so from an investor based in Hanoi. We renovated the garden, rebuilt the house and the tourist center.


At first, we only had three rooms, two of which were rooms in the family house and one room made of a straw roof renovated from an old build.  This was made for customers who love nature and want to explore Vietnamese culture and life. Since then we have made revolutionary steps in the homestay business.


One of our first guests in December 2017


Having family dinner with us


Cheers mate


At the beginning of 2018, we decided to build more stilt houses with 3 separate rooms on the 2nd floor. By the end of December 2018, we had built a total of 8 rooms in order to accommodate the increasing demand made by frequent visitors. At this point, Lan Homestay had become a mini-resort

Our Homestay now


Our Garden


Customer experience is something that Lan Homestay’s family cares about the most.


“We always try to listen and absorb customers’ opinions. We believe it’s the small details that create great experiences. Every small change will improve the image of the homestay and the confidence our customers have in us.”


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