Bioluminescent Plankton Kayak Tour

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From 16 usd / person

Maximum Capacity: 12-person group

Type of excursion: Guided tour

The length of the excursion: 2 hours (8 pm – 10 pm)


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Wave your hand in your water at night, you will flashback to the childhood when fairy tales immersing in your imagination.

Take a kayak, follow a guide, you will go into the dark in the middle of the sea. You will have a chance to see how amazing nature is. Bioluminescent plankton glows in the water along with your paddle sparkling blue colour. You will experience one of the most magical things in the world

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8 pm: Get ready and wait at the entrance gate of the homestay

8:15 pm Get on the speedboat to the kayaking spot

8:30 pm: Arrive at the spot, take a kayak and follow the guide

9:30 pm: Get back to the spot, get on the speedboat

9:45 pm: Arrive by the local harbour, get on the golf van

10 pm: Arrive at the homestay

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return transports, kayak rentals, local English speaking guide


Tips for tour-guide, Drinks


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+ If you are neither in Viet Hai village nor at Lan Homestay but in Catba town, the extra cost is $7 USD / person 

+ The tour would be longer or shorter depending on how long you want to kayak

+ You should wear a regular outfit and bring a towel. If you are interested in swimming at night, you should bring a swimming suit.

+ The maximum number of guests being able to join the tour is 12 people.

+ the plankton is in the water anytime in Lan Ha Bay. It is a blue light sparkling in the water like a firefly.

+ You can see it when it’s dark. Apart from 5 days before the full moon and 3 days after the full moon, you can see it clearly otherwise

+ The local guide will lead you to the area where has a high concentration of plankton.

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Single Supplement: $55 USD / Person

2-Person Group: $30 USD / Person

3-Person Group: $25 USD / Person

4-Person Group: $20 USD / Person

5-7-Person Group: $18 USD / Person

8-12-Person Group: $16 USD / Person



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